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Compression Bending

Custom Mfg Corp., located in Bensalem, PA., specializes in compression bending large and/or hollow profiles. We work with a variety of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This process is ideal for prototypes and production. There is no restriction on the part length. Our flexible processes allow us to change dies so as to accommodate different bend radii. Parts are bent to your specifications, without the extrusion’s wall collapsing on the outside or crimping / wrinkling on the inside of the bend. During the bending process, all parts are checked repeatedly to ensure the quality of the bend. This enables us to produce parts of high quality levels with little to no scrap. We offer compression-bending services for a variety of products that find applications in rail systems, curved track lighting, conveyor systems, and architectural applications.

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Carbon Steel


Stainless Steel


1 - 150 ton Hufford Bulldozer
1 - 50 ton Williams & White Bulldozer

2 - Birdsboro Hydraulic Press

Secondary Operations Available

CNC Machining




Process Advantages

Easy die changing for different radii and tube diameters
Flexable process

Ideal for prototype runs

No part length restrictions

Lead Times

We strive to meet customer deadlines.

Quality Control

Every part will be checked to a template or check fixture

Supporting Equipment

1- 14 ton L&J Press
1- 175 ton Dreis & Krump Press Brake

1- 300 ton Pacific Hydraulic Press Brake

1- 400 ton Cincinnati Press Brake

1- 50 ton L&J Press

1- 60 ton L&J Press

1- 75 ton Clearing Press

1- 75 ton Rouselle Press

1- Sherwood Hydraulic Press

2- Birdsboro Hydraulic Presses

3- 27 ton L&J Presses


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